Product Name : Small Dryer (For sausage Processing)
Model : SY-70.SY-120
  • Applications: For drying: Sausages, poultry and fish products and other foods
  • Exterior: Small Dryer (for Sausage Processing), Stainless steel is used for both exterior and interior surfaces for easy cleaning, durability and attractive appearance.
  • Special Features: Hot wind circulation; strong wind power make products evenly heated, Outstanding performance and easy operation; electronic heating control, Hot wind can auto-switch to cold wind and easy timer adjustment.
  • Maximum safety: High-quality insulation materials ensure operator safety and allow optimum heating efficiency for energy savings for energy saving.
Product Description
Interior and exterior insulation matierals 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel
Exterior dimensions 790 x 700 x 1500 m/m 910 x 700 x 1800 m/m
Interior dimensions 540 x 620 x 1070 m/m 660 x 620 x 1370 m/m
Heating Electrical Heating  Electrical Heating 
Maximum allowable temperature 70 ºC 70 ºC
Horsepower 1/4 HP 1/4 HP
Voltage 220V 220V
Net weight 約100 kg 約130 kg